Pete George has worked in Movies, TV, Commercials and Live Theater. For resume and more information go to Casting Frontier. For representation click here Coast to Coast Talent Group or go to the Contact link.

The Shawshank Redemption My first real acting job!  Even though I was a "core con" (glamorized extra) it was a paid gig that I worked on for six weeks.  At the final cut I was in thirty scenes including the shower scene... naked!  That was an interesting day of shooting and I now know why they call the union SAG! ha.
The Majestic This was my second film I worked on starring Jim Carrey and coincidently was directed by Frank Darabont who also directed The Shawshank Redemption.  Frank and I ran in to each other in the men's room of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood where we were shooting.  We had a great conversation about Shawshank and how The Majestic shoot was going.  Another one of my favorite films.
Round It Goes Ah!... my first starring role.  This wonderful short film was written and directed by Joe Stillman who co-wrote the first two "Shrek" films.  Round It Goes was entered into film festivals around the country and took first place for a comedy in North Carolina.  If you want to learn something about humanity and have a great laugh at the same time, take five minutes and enjoy!  Oh yea... this one is free to watch.  Click here for "Round It Goes" (FYI strong language).